There are different ways of coping with stress. It turned out that one of them is a daily high dosis of omega-3 supplement. According to a recent research, taking 2.5 grams of omega-3 every day, can help slow the effects of aging by lowering inflammation and cortisol levels, and boosting cellular repair mechanisms during recovery after the stressful moments.

The researchers compared how moderate (1.25gr), high (2.5gr) and placebo doses of omega-3s after 4 months of supplementation, influenced the blood indicators of the 138 research participants (age 40-85) under stressful conditions. The blood indicators included measuring telomerase, an enzyme that reacts quickly to stress and rebuilds telomeres. You need to have enough telomerase to rebuild telomere length after any stress-related damage.

As a result of the study, only high dose of omega-3s helped suppress damage during the stressful moments, lowering cortisol by 19% and a pro-inflammatory protein by 33%. The dose of 2.5-gram omega-3s is much higher than what most people use on a daily basis, but study participants showed no signs of having problems with the supplements.

You may wonder whether the moderate dose of omega-3s did any good in coping with stress. As a matter of fact, it did. Results showed that both doses of omega-3s helped within 2 hours after stress restore the cellular damage, preventing any changes in telomerase levels or a protein that reduces inflammation. On the other hand, the full recovery from stress didn’t happen in the placebo group. Telomerase dropped by 24% and the anti-inflammatory protein decreased by at least 20%.

Based on their findings, the researchers also suggested that omega-3s may help relieve depression symptoms, if inflammation is the cause of depression.

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