According to a recent Australian study, higher body fat leads to increased shrinkage of the brain’s gray matter and a greater risk of cognitive decline.

The study examined the genetic data of 336.309 records in the UK Biobank to investigate whether people with 3 metabolically different obesity subtypes (unfavourable, neutral and favourable) were more at risk of dementia and stroke than others. The researchers found that people with higher levels of obesity (unfavourable and neutral subtypes) had much lower levels of grey brain matter. To be more specific, grey brain matter of people at the age between 37 and 73 years old decreased by 0.3% for every extra 1 kg/m2, which is equivalent of an extra 3 kg of weight for person of average height individuals of 173 cm. This decrease is tremendious as our grey matter is responsible for learning, attention, memory and executive functions, like planning, organizing, prioritizing, taking decisions, but also control of our emotions.

However, the researchers couldn’t link a specific obesity subtype with dementia or stroke. Instead, they suggested that inflammation and metabolic abnormalities might contribute to obesity and grey matter volume reduction.

So, if you are overweight, the best way to take care about your brain (and overall health) is to calm down your inflammation and to keep your metabolism within the normal range. Simple said and not that simple to be done, but it is possible. Stay healthy!

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