Lifestyle changes can help you to age healthy. But what if I tell you that there is an oxygen treatment that can reverse the normal aging process at the basic cellular level? At least, according to a recent small Israeli study.

The study used hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOTs) in 35 healthy participants aged 64+, in a series of 60 treatment sessions over a period of 90 days. It was found that the blood cells of the participants actually grew younger as the treatments progressed.

HBOTs are not new. These are the treatments with high-pressure oxygen in a pressure room. HBOTs have been already used for years to improve brain functions that were damaged by age, stroke or brain injury. In this study HBOTs are able to reverse the shortening of telomeres (the DNA–protein structures located at the ends of chromosomes) for up to 38% and the accumulation of old and poor functioning cells in the body for up to 37%! Both telomere length and accumulation of old cells are features of our aging process.

Although the duration of this effect has to be determined in long-term follow-ups, it sounds very promising, doesn’t it?

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