Both product groups provide us with an abundant amount of phosphorus. Don’t get this wrong. Our cells need phosphorus to function well. Moreover, phosphorus is required to activate most of the B vitamins from food, which are involved in our energy metabolism. In fact, almost all of the energy from food is transfered into phosphorus-containing compounds in our body before utilizing it.

However, it is all about balance. Too much of phosphorus binds our calcium and magnesium and secretes it without giving an opportunity for our body to use it. As you know, enough calcium is our garanty for healthy bones, nerves and muscles; and magnesium is needed a.o. to make proteins (everything in our body is either a protein or is made by proteins) and to use energy (every process in the body requires energy).

Cola and soft drinks have a high concentration of phosphorus. Nuts, but also seeds are a source of phoshorus as well. That is why you need to enjoy your nuts and seeds in moderation. Moreover, they also have the phytic acid that binds to minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium, preventing them from being absorbed. You can remove it by soaking them in (salty) water overnight and then letting them dry before storing them.

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