According to a recent 7-year British study, people with low physical activity are nearly twice as likely to experience depression and have a 60% greater chance of anxiety!

The study involved almost 153.000 participants between 40 and 69 years old. Physical activity was represented by high aerobic and muscular fitness. High aerobic fitness of the participants was tested by using a stationary bike with increasing resistance. Their muscular fitness was measured with a grip strength test. The participants also completed a questionnaire related to depression and anxiety symptoms. 7 years later they were tested again for depression and anxiety symptoms.

The researchers found that high aerobic and muscular fitness at the start of the study was associated with better mental health 7 years later. Moreover, a combination of these two types of training was found to be more beneficial than just focusing on one of them.

So, keep exercising and your smile will appear even more often on your face!

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