Eating a lot of meat, especially processed ones, and products with refined sugars can raise your cholesterol and increase a risk of heart disease. To improve this health issue, you have a choice: to do, what you were doing and enjoy your food with an increased risk of heart problems later on; to lessen on meat and refined sugar; to focus on quality products (such as lean meat and natural unrefined sugar products); to become a vegan;…or to switch the time of eating meat.

According to a recent large study, eating your normal dinner meal with meat and refined carbs for breakfast is better for your heart health. But if this switch looks ‘a mission impossible’ for you, then just focus on quality of your food. The study found that people who eat a plant-based dinner with more whole carbs and unsaturated fats, reduce their risk of heart disease by 10%! Can you imagine the results, if you combine both a changed meal timing and an increased food quality?

Just a reminder: unsaturated fats you can find mostly in plant-based products, such as nuts, seeds, avocado’s, plant-based oils, but also fish. As for the meat sources, poultry (f.e. chicken or turkey) and lean cuts of red meat are low in saturated fat.

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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