Even small amounts of the common plasticizers BPA (bisphenol A) and BPS (bisphenol S) in our everyday plastic products such as water bottles, plastic tableware and food packaging, can be damaging to our brain. A recent German study confirms that BPA and BPS seriously damage fish brain in just one month and assumes that the same can happen to our human brain.

How does it exacly happen?

While some brain cells transmit signals that trigger excitation of downstream cells, other brain cells have the function of inhibiting downstream cells. The coordination of both excitation and inhibition is essential for a healthy central nervous system. The study found out that plasticizers BPA and BPS significantly disturb this coordination. They alter the chemical and electrical transmission of signals through the synapses. Moreover, they disrupt the circuits that are important for the perception and processing of acoustic and visual stimuli. This disruption may lead to numerous disorders in the nervous system, such as double vision; repetitive, uncontrolled eye movements (nystagmus); and hearing loss.

The researchers believe that there is an urgent need to replace the harmfull bisphenols by developing new plasticizers to keep our brain safe.

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