According to a recent study, experiencing positive emotions now, leads to less memory decline later in life.

The researchers analyzed the positive emotions (or positive affect, as it is called in the study) of 991 participants of on average 55 years old at the beginning of the study, and 9 years later. They found out that people, who reported more positive emotions at the beginning, had less memory decline over 9 years. In particular, greater enthusiasm, cheerfulness, pride, and feelings of calm and peace were related to slower memory decline. Other factors like participants’ negative emotions, personality traits, gender, education and age seemed not to be responsible for the results.

Why positive emotions are related to a slower rate of memory decline, however, was less clear.

Researchers highlight that positive emotions may not be the crucial factor in preserving memory. However, they can be a part of the right attitude and behavior that can improve or protect your health.

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