These are the conclusions of a recent study.

The study investigated the influence of prunes on bone health after menopause. What has bone health to do with menopause? It all about estrogen. After menopause the levels of estrogen become low, which causes inflammation. The last one contributes to bone loss, increasing the risk of fractures. As for prunes, their polyphenols are able to lower the levels of oxidative stress and inflammation in specific bone cell types, the osteoclasts.

In this study, the researchers divided the participating postmenopausal women with a low bone mineral density score, into 3 groups:

a group, who ate 6 prunes (~50 g) daily for 12 months,

a group, who ate 12 prunes (~100 g) for 12 months, and

a control group, who ate no prunes.

As a result, participants in both prune groups had significant reductions in inflammatory markers compared to the control group. This is a good news, isn’t it? Such a simple nutritional change as adding only 6 prunes a day to your diet may help reduce inflammation and prevent bone loss. I would not recommend eating more than that, as prunes are also calorie bombs!

Moreover, I guess that all older adults, not only women with low bone density, might benefit from prunes. As we know, inflammation facilitates aging. Keeping inflammation levels low can slow down your aging processes. And who doesn’t want that? Of course, my guess still has to be confirmed by science.

Curious? HERE is the source

Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

a certified nutrition coach, educator and researcher with a PhD degree

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