We know that whole (unrefined) grains are good for us. They are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals and have a positive influence on our health. But what about breakfast cereals, white bread, crackers, pasta/noodles and bakery products? Do these refined grains have any health benefits left after they have been processed?

According to a recent study, a high intake of refined grains (at least 350 g/d) is linked to a 27% higher risk of death and a 33% higher risk of serious heart problems compared with the lowest intake (<50 g/day). An exeption was white rice as it showed a neutral effect on general health. Even a high intake of it (≥450 g/day) was related to a lower risk of death, or any heart disease.

This conclusion is based on information gathered from 137.130 people of ages 35 to 70 followed during a period of 9.5 years. Remarkable is that the participants were representatives from 21 countries across 5 continents. It means that these findings are likely to be applicable to anyone across the world.

What does it mean for us? We’d beter try to incorporate whole grains as much as possible in our diet with some tiny room left for our refined favorites!

Curious? HERE is the source

Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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