According to a recent study there is a strong relation between cognitive decline and a faster rate of bone loss. The study investigated both cognitive and bone health of 1.741 women and 620 men aged 65+ with no symptoms of cognitive decline at the beginning of the study. In the investigation period of 16 years the researchers found that cognitive decline over 5 years increased signficantly future fracture risk in women, but not in men.

The researchers couldn’t identify whether a cognitive decline leads to a decline in bone loss, or vice versa. However their finding indicates that any decline in brain health in women should be monitored along with bone health, as a decline in one of these 2 health aspects could be a signal to pay a closer attention to the other one.

Because of the difference between women and men, the researchers suggest that estrogen deficiency might be involved as it affects women after menopause and has influence on both both bone loss and brain health.

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