There is a big debate between scientists whether the moon phases can affect our mood, our health and our sleep. A recent study claimes to put an end to the doubts about the effect of the moon phases on our sleep.

Our timing of sleep is regulated by our internal circadian biological clocks, which appear to be synchronized with moon phases, according to the study.

The study discovered that people sleep less and go to bed later in the nights 3 to 5 days leading up to a full moon. The total amount of sleep may vary by an average of 46 to 58 minutes, and bedtimes – by around 30 minutes.

The researchers explained their findings by pointing out that the evenings leading up to the full moon have more natural light available after dusk, the darkest part of twilight before night begins. According to the researchers, we have to thank our ancestors for this as they tried to use natural light as much as possible for their activities.

The moon effects seem to be less pronounced in people living in urban environments compared to people from rural environments.

How moon phases do exactly influence us and our sleep, is a question for further research.

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