You might be surprised, but according to a recent study older adults sleep better than the middle-aged and the younger adults. The study investigated the sleep, lifestyle and health of 3.284 adults and found that our daily activities influence our sleep quality and that the degree of influence depends on our age.

The study showed that older adults had better sleep health, followed by middle-aged and younger adults. Across all age groups, fast-food consumption, daytime activity irregularity and use of internet and social media similarly affected sleep health. However, there were also differences between the age groups. For example, having a pet, technology use and reading a printed source of information had a strong relation to sleep health in younger adults. On the other hand, time of physical activity in relation to sedentary style, technology use and reading were more significant in middle-aged adult sleep health. As for older adults, physical activity and levels of sedentary behavior seemed to be of great importance for their sleep health.

Researchers believe that the results of their study provide with practical guidance to improve sleep health based on your age. In general, eating less fast food, watching less TV, spending less time on the internet and specifically on social media, along with staying active help promote a good quality sleep.

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