If you happen to have a brain injury, you need to sleep a lot to facilitate fast and full recovery. According to a recent small study, sleep plays an important role in clearing waste from the brain after brain injury.

Your brain is generating waste which is removed during sleep. An injury causes more waste and a poor sleep doesn’t allow your brain to clean it efficiently. As a result, the waste builds up in the brain, leading to various neurological diseases.

To come to this conclusion, researchers investigated the brain of the military veterans with a traumatic brain injury using MRI. They were able to measure changes in the brain’s perivascular spaces, that surround blood vessels in the brain and are part of the brain’s waste clearance system known as the glymphatic system.

Researchers found out that those with poor sleep, had an increase in post-concussive symptoms and an enlarged perivascular spaces. Enlargement of these spaces occurs in aging and is linked to the development of dementia.

The conclusion of this study is good news, isn’t it? As your sleep quality, most of the time, depends on you. Just follow advice for a better sleep quality and let your brain do its work!

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