There is a preliminary scientific result that food plays an important role in overall health. It is all about chilli pepper and its capacity to prolong life and reduce deaths, especially from cardiovascular diseases or cancer.

Chili pepper has an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer and blood-glucose regulating effect thanks to bioactive capsaicin, which gives chili pepper its characteristic mild to intense taste.

Analysis of the health and dietary records of more than 570.000 people in the United States, Italy, China and Iran found that people who ate chili pepper compared to those who rarely or never eat it, had:

26% risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases

23% risk of dying from cancer

25% risk of dying from all other possible reasons (all-cause).

How much chilli pepper, what type of chilli pepper and how often you need to eat chilli pepper to achieve these results as well as why and how exactly chilli pepper works in the body, is currently unknown. More research is needed to confirm these preliminary findings.

Curious? HERE is the source

Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

a certified nutrition coach, educator and researcher with a PhD degree

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