science about how to keep your brain sharp while getting older

According to a recent study, lifestyle seems to be more important than age in cognitive function and future dementia risks across all ages.

1 glas of alhocol drink/day for women and 2 glasses for men is considered to be safe for our health and our brain. More than that can lead to changes in brain structure and brain size, resulting in brain health issues. Moreover, several studies argued that light drinking could benefit the brain in older adults. […]

Of course, we know that a healthy diet, moderate exercise and no smoking keep us away from various diseases. However, whether they also help when we are 80+, was unclear till know. A recent large study found that brain health of 80+ olds also benefits from a healthier lifestyle regardless whether a person carries APOE […]

Does one of your parents have dementia? Than your chance of developing the same disease is increased by 70%! However, according to a preliminary study, healthy lifestyle can significantly lower dementia risk among people with a family history of dementia.

We all know how stress is harmful for our heart health. But do stress-reducing remedies actually help in protecting our heart? To answer this question, a recent study had a closer look on the moderate alcohol intake and its relation to the heart disease.

The symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol are very unpleasant and severe, depending on the person and his/her degree of dependence on alcohol. That is why many people seek assistance to be able to stop drinking. A recent study found out a way to make the withdrawal symptoms less severe. Its proposed solution is to go […]

Are you suffering from high cholesterol levels? Try to make some lifestyle changes! According to a recent large Chinese study, having a healthy diet will lower your very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) ‘bad’ cholesterol.

We already know that the amount of alcohol and frequency of drinking have an influence on our health. But did you know that the worst drinking pattern for your health is when you prefer regular use of strong alcohol in large volumes at a time and don’t eat while drinking?

It’s a well known fact that daily alcohol consumption leads to worsening your brain health, especially your memory and recalling. A recent Austrian study has found an explanation for that.

Wanneer is alcohol drinken goed voor je hersenen?

We weten al lang dat het drinken van alcohol zowel voordelen als nadelen heeft op je gezondheid. De meest genoemde voordelen van matig alcoholgebruik hebben te maken met een verlaagd risico op hart- en vaatziektes en mede daardoor met gezond ouder worden. Daarentegen horen verhoogde risico’s op leveraandoeningen, tumoren van het spijsverteringskanaal en borstkanker tot […]

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