science about how to keep your brain sharp while getting older

It’s not news any more that our brain (the central nervous system) and our gut (the enteric nervous system) are connected. Just think about those migraine attacks that are caused by some food sensitivities, or about headaches and even black-outs after too much alcohol. And these are only 2 of numerous other examples that show […]

Maybe you first reaction to this question would be: rest as much as possible in a dark room to let your brain recover. And I could understand this answer as it was a standard remedy for concussion over the last few decades. However, due to an increased recent amount of research in this area this […]

Concussion with loss of consciousness seems to have more negative impact on the life quality in the long term than concussion without. A recent large study found that nearly half of people who have had a concussion with loss of consciousness, are living with a disability.

If you happen to have a brain injury, you need to sleep a lot to facilitate fast and full recovery. According to a recent small study, sleep plays an important role in clearing waste from the brain after brain injury.

According to a recent study, a concussion seems to accelerate biological brain aging by as much as 30 years!

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