It all comes down to aspartame. It is widely used in more than 6.000 foods, starting from sugar-free soft drinks and desserts and ending up with medications, such as cough drops and gummy vitamins to add a touch of sweetness to it. You can recognize aspartame by food additive number E951.

We all need to manage our stress effectively to stay healthy and enjoy our life. However, we can’t avoid all stress situations, especially unforeseen ones. Luckily, there are different ways to unstress. From a diet perspective, lots of fruits are our natural weapon against stress.

First of all, what are emotional support animals? These animals are neither household pets nor therapy service animals. They don’t need formal training or certification but are recognized by a (mental) healthcare professional as therapeutically needed for a person with a health or mental health condition.

There are different ways of coping with stress. It turned out that one of them is a daily high dosis of omega-3 supplement. According to a recent research, taking 2.5 grams of omega-3 every day, can help slow the effects of aging by lowering inflammation and cortisol levels, and boosting cellular repair mechanisms during recovery […]

Wat doet zout met je hersenen?

Zout is niet altijd slecht voor je. Het bevat het essentiële mineraal natrium, dat helpt bij de vochtbalans en goed is voor optimale werking van spier-, zenuw- en hartfunctie en voor behoud van de normale celfunctie1, 2. De problemen beginnen bij overmatig gebruik van zout in het dagelijks leven. Zo is al lang bekend dat […]