science about how to keep your brain sharp while getting older

Believe it or not, but you can extend your longevity by optimizing your diet. Researchers of a recent study reviewed hundreds of studies on nutrition, popular diets, diseases and longevity in laboratory animals and people (including centenarians) and came to the following successful aspects of an optimal ‘longevity diet’: moderate to high carbohydrate intake from […]

The omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA play an important role in regulating the immune system and fighting chronic inflammation. According to a small American study, each of them has its own distinct contribution.

Recently rice lovers were warned that their favorite product accumulates up to 10 times more toxic arsenic than any other grain. The maximum concentration has been found in rice bran. That is why healthy brown rice, or rice milk, which is made from rice bran, is not that innocent.

Did you know that only eating brightly colored fruits and veggies is not enough to get the most healthy bioactive components, flavonoids, from them?

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