science about how to keep your brain sharp while getting older

We already know that diabetes type 2 weakens our brain health and accelerates brain aging. But how strong is this influence compared to the normal brain aging?

According to a recent Australian study, higher body fat leads to increased shrinkage of the brain’s gray matter and a greater risk of cognitive decline.

According to a recent small study, older adults with mild cognitive impairment might benefit from moderate-to-vigorous intensity aerobic exercise training, just in 1 year. The study showed that the training was able to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, cerebral blood flow regulation, memory and executive function (f.e. planning, prioritizing, decision making). Because of these significant improvements, the […]

According to a recent study, problems with falling asleep in people over 51 years old, is an indication of brain health issues later on. To be more specific, these sleep problems cause poorer episodic memory, executive function, language, processing speed, and visuospatial performance 14 years later.

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