science about how to keep your brain sharp while getting older

We know that dietary fiber is good for our health. Among others, it nourishes our healthy gut bacteria, lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol, maintains a good bowel health and reduces risk of certain cancers. The question is: are all different types of fiber equally good for our health?

Finally the good news for vegetarians and vegans! It seems that a plant-based diet can provide not only with necessary amount of protein, but als with all essential amino acids. Here, a variety of plant-based protein sources is a key. Most plant foods have some protein, with the best sources being legumes, soy products (including […]

Whole cereal grains are a good source of protein amoung vegan products. But do you know which one of them has the most protein available to our body? And here I’m not talking about a single generic value of protein on nutrition label of the product, but about the highest digestibility of the protein that […]

We know that whole (unrefined) grains are good for us. They are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals and have a positive influence on our health. But what about breakfast cereals, white bread, crackers, pasta/noodles and bakery products? Do these refined grains have any health benefits left after they have been processed?

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