At this moment the blood pressure “120/90” is considered to be normal both for men and women. But according to a recent study, there is a necessity to separate the normal ranges for men and for women. The study found out that women have a lower “normal” blood pressure range compared to men.

According to a recent Japanese study, you can, keeping in mind the different effects of green tea and coffee on your health. The researchers analyzed data of 46.213 participants (ages 40 to 79, 60% women) and concluded that drinking coffee works better for heart attack survivors as well as for people without a history of […]

Previous research has already shown that a significant difference between the upper (systolic) blood pressure measurements in the two arms is a sign of a narrowing, or a stiffening of the arteries, which can affect blood flow. These changes form a risk of heart attack, stroke or early death. A recent international study found out […]