According to a recent small clinical trial, either 9g of freeze-dried cranberry powder or 100g fresh cranberries a day can significantly improve flow-mediated dilation, which shows how good blood vessels react on the increase of blood flow. An improved dilation is a sign of improved cardiovascular health. At least in healthy 45 male participants of […]

According to a recent study, appr 10% of coronary heart diseases could be avoided by timely preventing iron deficiency. The study examined the data from 12.164 participants, who were classified as iron deficient or not, based on the presence of an absolute iron deficiency (only includes stored iron – ferritin) and functional iron deficiency (includes […]

We know that aerobic exercise, like walking, swimming, running, or biking, are good for our brain. It improves our mood, gives us energy and …boosts our memory! According to a recent small study, white matter of our brain, which is responsible for communication between neurons, can also benefit from aerobic exercise, improving memory recall in […]

According to a recent study, strength training for your breathing muscles just 5 minutes every day lowers blood pressure and improves your heart health at least as good as medication and much higher as aerobic exercise.

Eating a lot of meat, especially processed ones, and products with refined sugars can raise your cholesterol and increase a risk of heart disease. To improve this health issue, you have a choice: to do, what you were doing and enjoy your food with an increased risk of heart problems later on; to lessen on […]

We all know how stress is harmful for our heart health. But do stress-reducing remedies actually help in protecting our heart? To answer this question, a recent study had a closer look on the moderate alcohol intake and its relation to the heart disease.

We know that whole (unrefined) grains are good for us. They are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals and have a positive influence on our health. But what about breakfast cereals, white bread, crackers, pasta/noodles and bakery products? Do these refined grains have any health benefits left after they have been processed?

Water-based exercises like swimming and aqua-aerobics are an excellent way to stay fit for people over 55 years old without putting strain on the joints. But do these exercises have the same health benefits for our heart as other types of exercise in a gym do? A recent small UK study looked for an answer […]