science about how to keep your brain sharp while getting older

According to a small randomized, crossover trial the keto and Mediterranean diets both can help people manage diabetes. The trial involved 33 participants with prediabetes or diabetes type 2. The researchers aimed to compare 2 low-carbohydrate diets with 3 key similarities (incorporating nonstarchy vegetables and avoiding added sugars and refined grains) and 3 key differences […]

A recent study investigated a relationship between diet quality and dietary patterns (Mediterranean or DASH diet) and migraine symptoms. It turned out that people aged 18–64 had more frequent and more severe symptoms of migraine when they ate a poor quality diet or a diet, that did not adhere to the Mediterranean or DASH pattern. […]

According to a new study, eating a Mediterranean diet may protect your brain from abnormal protein (amyloid and tau) build up and shrinkage that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

According to a recent UK study, green leafy vegetables and a lower red meat intake as a part of a Mediterranean diet, have the most positive influence on memory and thinking skills for those, who are in their late 70s. The study also confirmed that processed food in a diet lead to poorer brain function.

We choose a diet depending on our goals to achieve. According to a recent study, if your goal is to loose some weight or lower your cholesterol levels, then your better choice is a vegan diet!

The MIND diet was developed based on the Mediterranean diet to help prevent dementia and slow down the decline of brain health. But did you know that this diet could also be a remedy for Parkinson’s?

It is not a secret that a Mediterranean diet and its variations, such as MIND- and DASH-diets, slow down cognitive decline in adults over the age of 65. These diets include daily consumption of vegetables, fruit, berries, legumes, nuts, olive oil, fish, potatoes, unrefined cereals, and a moderate wine consumption. However, according to a recent […]

A 10-year study has shown that, of all 9 common components of the Mediterranean diet, high fish and vegetable consumption are the best in protecting your brain from cognitive decline. The other 7 components examined were fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes, olive oil, as well as reduced red meat and alcohol consumption. Curious? HERE is […]

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