science about how to keep your brain sharp while getting older

Ginger is a quite popular home remedy for migraine treatment. You know these advices: 1/2-1 teaspoon of ground raw ginger in combination with cold or hot cup of water promise to safe you from headache and nausea. But does it really work? What does science say about ginger as a natural treatment of migraine?

This is because of the nitrites that are often used as preservatives for bacon, sausage, ham, and other type of processed meat. The salts of nitrite (but also nitrate) are commonly needed to enhance the colour, extend the shelf life of processed meats and also help hinder the growth of harmful microorganisms (such as in […]

According to a recent study, an abnormal release of glutamate in spaces between neurons, floods gray matter of the brain, setting off a migraine attack with aura.

Ever heard of the LIFE diet? It’s a nutrient dense whole food plant-based diet. It includes drinking one 32-ounce (or 946 ml) LIFE smoothie every day, eating at least 5 ounces (or 142 gr) by weight of dark green leafy vegetables in salad or cooked vegetables per day, and limiting consumption of whole grains, starchy […]

A recent study examined the relationship between sodium (salt) and duration and severity of migraine attacks. The levels of sodium were measured in 24-hour urine test of 262 participants aged 36 on average. The researchers found that a higher 24-hour urine sodium level was related to a longer duration of migraine headaches and a higher […]

A recent study investigated a relationship between diet quality and dietary patterns (Mediterranean or DASH diet) and migraine symptoms. It turned out that people aged 18–64 had more frequent and more severe symptoms of migraine when they ate a poor quality diet or a diet, that did not adhere to the Mediterranean or DASH pattern. […]

Current medications for migraine can offer partial pain relief but are not an optimal way to deal with it as they can have some negative side effects, including dependence and even addiction. Luckily, migraine sufferers have other proven methods of reducing migraine attacks and their intensity. One of them is through diet.

What can possibly be good about migraines that cause so much pain and discomfort? Actually, migraines turned out to have a very important role in our brain. According to a recent study, migraine can be seen as a protective response to oxidative stress, caused by a lack of energy in our brain.

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