According to a recent small clinical trial, implementing a migraine adapted Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) program helps reduce headache frequency and improves psychological functioning. However, it doesn’t improve headache-related impairment in migraine sufferers.

Some supplements for children might offer a safe solution to minimize the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. Most of supplements have main active ingredients in much higher concentrations, compared to food, and don’t have side effects if the taken in a right dose like the most of prescribed pills do.

This is because of the nitrites that are often used as preservatives for bacon, sausage, ham, and other type of processed meat. The salts of nitrite (but also nitrate) are commonly needed to enhance the colour, extend the shelf life of processed meats and also help hinder the growth of harmful microorganisms (such as in […]

Lifestyle and, nutrition, in particular, can have a significant impact on migraine attacks. Here are some scientific facts about the relation between nutrition and migraine.

According to a recent study, an abnormal release of glutamate in spaces between neurons, floods gray matter of the brain, setting off a migraine attack with aura.

Ever heard of the LIFE diet? It’s a nutrient dense whole food plant-based diet. It includes drinking one 32-ounce (or 946 ml) LIFE smoothie every day, eating at least 5 ounces (or 142 gr) by weight of dark green leafy vegetables in salad or cooked vegetables per day, and limiting consumption of whole grains, starchy […]

First of all, why a ketogenic diet might be the right diet for people with migraine? Because this high-fat, moderate-protein and very-low carbohydrate diet has proven to cause metabolic changes overall in your body, including the brain, leading to various positive health results, if done properly (at least in the short run).

A recent study found causal genetic links to the changed blood levels of 3 metabolites that increase the risk of migraine. To refresh your memory, metabolites are substances made during metabolism when the body breaks down food, drugs, or chemicals.

According to a recent study, migraine could increase risk for all-cause dementia and Alzheimer’s. This finding is based on the meta-analysis of 5 published cohort studies, incorporating data from 249.303 people.

A recent study found that a history of migraines predicted an increase in hot flashes during menopause. After analyzing the information of more than 3.300 women aged 52.8 years old, on average, the researchers found that women with a history of migraines had significantly worse menopause symptoms and were more likely to have (very) severe […]