A recent Swedish study found an independent risk factor of dementia. It turned to be an elevated resting heart rate in people above 60 years old.

First of all, what exactly is ‘cocktail party problem’? This term describes a difficultly following speech in a noisy environment. So how does this problem is related to decline of our brain health?

From previous studies we already know that high blood pressure in our mid-life is a strong predictor of dementia in later life. According to a recent report from the long-term ASPREE study, short and long-term fluctuations in blood pressure, in other words, blood pressure variability (BPV), in older adults, particularly in men, can also indicate […]

There is no cure for dementia. However, about 1/3 of dementia can be prevented through lifestyle changes like healthy diet, moderate exercise, reducing alcohol, no smoking, and managing conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. But, on the first place, how do you know that you are at risk of developing dementia (if you don’t […]

Does one of your parents have dementia? Than your chance of developing the same disease is increased by 70%! However, according to a preliminary study, healthy lifestyle can significantly lower dementia risk among people with a family history of dementia.