Who doesn’t love to eat potato chips or roasted potatoes? This lovely crispy sound and beautiful light brown coarst are mouthwatering. However, exactly the most we love about our favorite potato products are the threat for our health on the long term because of the high levels of acrylamide.

Lycopene is a one of the most powerful natural antioxidants with many health benefits due to its capacity to fight free radicals that help reduce the risk of developing a wide variety of (chronic) diseases, such as brain aging issues, heart illnesses and even certain types of cancer. Another advantage of this natural antioxidant is […]

Beans are a rich source of polyfenols that help us to stay healthy. At least, if you know, how to increase their content, as it changes during storage and preparation. So, what are the best ways of preparing beans to benefit the most from their healthiest polyfenols?