According to a recent study, selenium (with the highest concentrations in Brazil nuts) could increase neuron generation, and boost learning and memory in aging brain.

According to a recent study, moderate consumption of coffee and tea separately or in combination could be linked to lower risk of stroke and dementia.

According to a recent study, appr 10% of coronary heart diseases could be avoided by timely preventing iron deficiency. The study examined the data from 12.164 participants, who were classified as iron deficient or not, based on the presence of an absolute iron deficiency (only includes stored iron – ferritin) and functional iron deficiency (includes […]

Are you a coffee lover and can’t live without coffee even a day? Nothing is wrong with that …unless you drink more than 6 cups a day. A recent large study found that those who drank more than 6 cups of coffee a day, had a decreased brain volume and increased their risk of having […]

In a recent large study the researchers found that people with stroke had faster decline in their brain health and daily functioning up to 10 years before this serious life-threatening medical condition.

We already know that, in general, women with menopause at an earlier age have a higher risk of heart disease. But what is ‘an earlier’ age and how early-life menopause is related to the heart disease?

There are 2 widely accepted types of migraine: with aura and without aura. Migraine with aura is considered to be more dangerous than without aura. People who suffer from migraine with aura, often see flashing lights, blind spots, or jagged lines in their visual field prior to the migraine attack. They also have an increased […]

Our brain is complex. It has various parts with their own function. On top of that, the brain cells (we have app. 100 billion of them) differ from one to the other. That is why it is so hard to diagnose correctly and treat a brain disease. On the other hand, the science doesn’t give […]

According to a recent Japanese study, you can, keeping in mind the different effects of green tea and coffee on your health. The researchers analyzed data of 46.213 participants (ages 40 to 79, 60% women) and concluded that drinking coffee works better for heart attack survivors as well as for people without a history of […]

Previous research has already shown that a significant difference between the upper (systolic) blood pressure measurements in the two arms is a sign of a narrowing, or a stiffening of the arteries, which can affect blood flow. These changes form a risk of heart attack, stroke or early death. A recent international study found out […]