A lot of people are practicing meditation to calm their minds and to rejuvenate themselves. And it works. But how exactly does meditation influence our brain? A recent small study investigated this question. The study involved 10 students who were taught how to meditate and practized the “focused attention meditation” 5 times a week for […]

According to a recent small study, it actually can. The study investigated how dancing with music impacts people with mild-to-moderate Parkinson’s during 3 years time and found that dance training for 1 ┬╝ hours per week can slow down the disease progression and even improve daily living and daily function.

According to a recent small study, older adults with mild cognitive impairment might benefit from moderate-to-vigorous intensity aerobic exercise training, just in 1 year. The study showed that the training was able to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, cerebral blood flow regulation, memory and executive function (f.e. planning, prioritizing, decision making). Because of these significant improvements, the […]

Dementia is a devastating disease. It leads not only to the lost of the ability to plan, remember things and behave appropriately, but also to the decline of motor skills. Up till now, there is no drug to treat dementia. However, some lifestyle changes can delay the progress of this disease and even weaken its […]

Results from a small Australian study suggest that active lifestyle changes may help to improve brain health in older adults experiencing already cognitive decline that precedes dementia.