We already know that the amount of alcohol and frequency of drinking have an influence on our health. But did you know that the worst drinking pattern for your health is when you prefer regular use of strong alcohol in large volumes at a time and don’t eat while drinking?

According to a recent British study, the regular use of strong alcohol (whiskey or vodka) increases the risk of death by 25%, a risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases by 31% and the risk of having liver cirrhosis by 48%, compared with those who usually drink white or red wine.

The study found out that those who drank less frequent (1 or 2 times a week) but large amounts, had a 9% higher risk of death and a 14% higher risk of cardiovascular disease compared with those who choose less alcohol but more often, 3 to 4 times week.

Researchers also confirmed the harm of drinking alcohol without food. Such people are 10% more likely to experience health problems.

These findings are based on the data from the British Biobank on 309.123 people (of age 56 years old on average).

The study concluded that red wine drinking during a meal 3–4 times a week has a positive effect on your health lowering the risk of death and having heart problems.

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