Tremor, slowed movement, rigid muscles and other movement disorders are an example of the symptoms of Parkinson’s. They are the result of the inflammatory response in the midbrain of people with Parkinson’s that cause the selective death of dopaminergic neurons leading to neurodegeneration.

A recent study found that aromatic turmerone (ar-turmerone), a major component of turmeric essential oil, and its derivatives (ar-atlantone and analog 2) have strong anti-inflammatory properties and act directly on dopaminergic neurons protecting them from the damage and death. It turned out that they are able to increase the expression of antioxidant proteins through the activation of protein Nrf2 that regulates the cell resistance to oxidants.

Based on these findings, the researchers believe that especially the analog 2 derivative might be a new dopaminergic neuroprotective treatment target and not only for Parkinson’s, but also for other diseases caused by oxidative stress (f.e. Alzheimer’s, cancer, chronic fatique syndrome, diabetes and heart diseases).

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