Vegans know very well that they have to supplement their diet with vitamin B12 to stay healthy. Remarkably, they may also be deficient in the trace element iodine, according to a recent study.

This study analysed the blood of those on a vegan diet and those on a regular diet (omnivores) with regard to a variety of vitamins and trace elements. Both diets revealed a lack of iodine. However, the shortage was clearly more distinct in the vegan diet. On the bright side, it has also shown health benefits of a vegan diet, such as a higher fiber intake and lower cholesterol levels.

Why is iodine so important and where you can find it?

Lack of iodine is the most common cause of abnormal thyroid enlargement, goiter. Goiter itself is usually painless, but it can cause a cough and difficulties with swallowing and breathing.

You need to eat iodine rich products to provide your body with enough iodine. Examples of such products are fish, seaweed, shrimp and other seafood, dairy products (such as yoghurt and cheese) and iodized salt. Bread may contain iodine, although it depends on the country you live in and your bakery.

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