No matter what diet you choose, you need to be aware not only of its benefits but also of its risks. A recent large UK study highlighted the risks for non-meat eaters other than possible B12 deficiency and an increased risk of anemia. Researchers analysed 18 years of data from 54.898 men and women and found out that vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians may be at higher risk of bone fractures.

The study showed that especially vegans, who on average had lower BMI as well as lower intakes of calcium and protein than meat eaters, had a 43% higher risk of fractures anywhere in the body, as well as higher risks of fractures of the hips, legs and any part of the spinal column. Vegetarians and pescetarians had a higher risk of hip fractures. However, the risk of fractures was partly reduced once BMI was within the normal range, and the levels of dietary calcium and dietary protein were adequate. In other words, non-meat eaters can reduce the risk for bone fractures by ensuring adequate calcium and protein levels and also maintaining a healthy BMI.

Something to be aware of, if you are a non-meat eater…

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