Researchers of a recent observational study found that a bioactive compound, called pelargonidin, which is the most abundant in strawberries, may lead to less formation of tau tangles in the brain.

Just to remind you, tau tangles are accumulation of tau protein within brain cells. Tau tangles together with the abnormal build-up of amyloid protein in and around brain cells are thought to cause Alzheimer’s.

Back to strawberries and its bioactive compound pelargonidin.

The study investigated whether pelargonidin had any influence on the brain of 575 participants with Alzheimer’s disease. Among the participants, a total of 452 people didn’t have the APOE 4 gene. Participants were assessed about their diet using a food frequency questionnaire for up to nearly 20 years of follow-up prior to death. Besides, during the study, each participant received annual, standardized testing for cognitive ability in 5 areas: episodic memory, working memory, semantic memory, visuospatial ability and perceptual speed. Moreover, after death a standardized neuropathological evaluation also took place.

The results showed that the participants without the APOE 4 gene had less tau tangles. Surprisingly, the participants with the APOE 4 gene didn’t have the same effect.

Researchers concluded that higher intake of pelargonidin might lead to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s, primarily due to the less formation of tau tangles. They assume that pelargonidin has the anti-inflammatory properties that may decrease inflammation in the brain which is linked to formation of plaques and tangles.

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